A recap: Fall of 2015 at Devil’s Lake

Hold onto your hats because we’re going to get this blog thing going again.  As I write this we are in Colorado. The weather has been incredible for climbing though we are expecting to get nailed by a nasty winter storm right about now.  It has been so long since our last post so I figure some recapping is in order.  We will pick up where we left off, last fall.

Erin and I found ourselves in Wisconsin, and while hanging out with our families we were spending a ton of time at Devil’s Lake. I was mainly focused on finding new boulders, and Erin on taking down the old school classics along with putting up a few climbs of her own. Erin did great on the notoriously tricky quartzite, climbing plenty of excellent things. She was also heartbreakingly close to several difficult and proud ones.

I had a lot of success. I established many new lines of all sorts, some of them being very good and quite hard. A couple highballs really stood out in terms of quality and intimidation factor as well.

So that’s about that for words here. Enjoy the photos and videos!

Note: WordPress has changed their blog format and I am unable to directly upload photos so I have to link to our instagram accounts..  Bear with me here while I get this new format dialed in!

Another note: The Devil’s Lake Guidebook is actually going to get done.  The finishing touches are being put on it and advertisers are getting wrangled up, so get psyched.

Erin eyes Big Bud, moments before her send. #bouldering #climbing #highball #big #purplequartzite

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2 thoughts on “A recap: Fall of 2015 at Devil’s Lake

  1. Nice post, and congrats on the new lines and repeats! I believe I stumbled on “The Commander” a few weeks back when trying to scout some problems and looking for the Massive Vertigo area. We were lost, but had a nice hike in the snowy talus.
    Great news on the Devil’s Lake Bouldering Guidebook! I’m extremely excited (as well as a lot of midwest climbers I know) at the opportunity to get the guidebook for aid in locating a ton of the problems we’d like to find. Do you know when it will be available and who is publishing it?


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