We are traveling! The first stop was the Holy Boulders.

Times are exciting.
Erin and I are traveling and the first stop was the Holy Boulders in Southern Illinois. The weather could not have been better and our friend Matt Satermo made the haul down to join us for a couple days of climbing.
My main objectives were to give the New Zero some goes, and show Erin and Matt a good time.
The Holy Boulders used to be plagued by access issues. A couple years ago the property came up for sale and the Access Fund pounced on it. They have been steadily raising money to pay it off and are still in need of more help. We were very grateful to be climbing there.
The first day I tried New Zero awhile and didn’t send it. I was making progress but it didn’t want to go. We dawdled on some other stuff, but ultimately not too much happened.
The second day we decided to try and do a big milage day and tick a bunch of classics. We were definitely successful. I busted out the camera and managed to film most of the problems we got on.. check it out..

After a couple of days at the Holy’s we drove down to Alabama, and that is where we are now. We are hanging with some old friends of mine, Jesse Bonin and Kenyon Smith. We have climbed at Zahnd and Rocktown so far, and Erin and myself have both acquired some projects we are psyched on..
It feels great to be down here with tons of amazing climbing at our fingertips.. and in good company.