The End is Near, Classics of the Park

The summer has flown by. Where did it all go? Our time here is limited now. We both put in our two weeks notice for our jobs yesterday.
Things have been the same here for the most part. I acquired a new sponsor, Asana, which I’m super psyched about, since they make high quality crash pads and I was in need of some new ones. This in turn inspired me to start busting out the camera more.
We’ve began filming an open ended series, dubbed classics of the park. The first one we put together was for Wildcat, a bad ass 11 or 12 I climbed a bit a go, here is the vid for that one..

The next one was for Skipper D, maybe the best 8 in the park?, which Erin sent a couple weeks back. Here is the vid for that…

And finally, Lost in Space, an incredible V12 I climbed in the late spring/early summer…

We’ve been climbing an okay amount. Balancing work, dealing with the tourists, walking to the boulders, and finding problems that I’m actually psyched to project is somewhat challenging. I am looking for something incredible to try that will push me… It’s hot too. Honestly, I’m battling with some psyche issues, but I’m pushing through.
Erin sent her first RMNP V9 the other day, Otech Direct. It’s a pretty cool one. Nice moves, some sharp holds, and not the greatest landing are factors involved in this one.

Erin on Otech Direct

Erin on Otech Direct

I also probably put up a new V10 at the bottom of Upper Chaos. It’s dubbed Inconceivable. Kind of a dumb name but it’s a reference from a movie.. do you know which one?
Inconceivable is 40 yards east of Triple Threat Arete and faces down hill. Really, it’s very close to the main trail that most folks take to get to Upper Chaos.. Why not check it out… Here’s video of the problem..

Besides that, I made a short few day jaunt to Wisconsin to visit family. We visited our grandma a couple of times, then hung out at the family cottage in Northern Wisconsin for a few days. It was a relaxing change of pace.

Cruising around the lake

Cruising around the lake

I also scrambled up Longs Peak in the moonlight this past friday, and topped out just before sunrise.  We opted for the classic Keyhole route (class 3), and it really was a lot of fun.

Watching the sun rise from the top of Longs

Watching the sun rise from the top of Longs

The shadow of Longs below the full moon at sunrise.

The shadow of Longs below the full moon at sunrise.

We have both enjoyed our time in Estes Park, and the remaining two or three weeks here are bound to be a fun, and busy time. More friends will be coming through, so there will be plenty of good company.
I do look forward to seeing Washington though.. I’ve been wanting to check out the bouldering up there for years and it just hasn’t happened. Soon.


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